Our Culture

talented, driven, dedicated, innovative and ambitious

Underwood Story

Robert and Richard Underwood’s desire to beautify the world.


From 1971, AAA Landscape has grown into an industry leading company.

Mission & Vision

AAA Landscape is dedicated to excellence. We provide landscape services with integrity.


We partner with your community on special events.


We take safety seriously.


Our managers and foreman are SLM & ACLP certified.

AAA Fleet

AAA Landscape has the equipment to handle any landscape or construction job.

Team Building

At AAA Landscape our team members work hard but we also like to play hard!




Our vision is to build happy relationships with our clients, community and employees, while we improve the environment and preserve the planet for future generations.


    All compostable waste is currently recycled through one of our partners who is the largest green waste recycler in the nation. We utilize finished compost for soil amendments, top dressing, flower beds, tree wells, and seed germination.

    Our corporate office and each satellite yard has recycling containers for paper, plastic, glass, and other recyclables that are collected while removing debris from our communities. In addition, we reuse paper in our offices when possible.

    We have Satellite Yards throughout the Phoenix and Tucson Metro areas, which means less fuel usage and more time spent on our properties. By carpooling with passenger vans, we are taking 75+ vehicles off the road every day.

    Pest Control shall be managed through prevention – physical and mechanical – and through the purchase of environmentally friendly products. As a last resort, AAA Landscape uses the least toxic pest control substance available.

    AAA Landscape will complete an onsite inspection of the irrigation system to find out current distribution uniformity, analyze water usage reports and calculate how much water should be used.

    Once analysis has been completed, we will provide a report showing how much water is being used in comparison to seasonal Evapotranspiration Rates, what the Distribution Uniformity is, and make the necessary repairs in order to have the most efficient system while saving money and conserving water.

    Turf is managed to provide the most root-friendly environment to encourage the greatest mass and depth of root zone, which becomes the water reservoir for the plants. This includes self-fertility, soil aeration, thatch, and proper mowing.

    Proper pruning reduces waste! To maximize sustainability of the landscape, practices are employed that minimize unnecessary pruning, prevent sun burning, promote blooming, and reduce water needs of the plants.

    AAA Landscape uses plant species that are appropriate to the microclimate and space limitations at mature size. Drought-tolerant plants & native plants that require minimal watering will be recommended.

We Beautify the World

At AAA Landscape, our commitment to caring for the environment is on-going. Over the years, we’ve instituted numerous environmentally responsible practices into our every day operations. It all stems from the strong sense of responsibility we hold to help lead the way to greater sustainability in our communities.

AAA Landscape practices Sustainable Landscape Management techniques as adopted by the Arizona Landscape Contractors Association. As a result, numerous projects installed and maintained by AAA Landscape have been certified under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System. It is our people’s energy and passion for the environment that fuels this high level of green performance.

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