AAA Landscape's Commitment to Safety


AAA Landscape has created a work environment that values diversity in thought and experience, teamwork, ethical behavior and performance excellence. Our significant success in achieving health, safety and environmental objectives requires industry leading training programs, individual awareness and discipline. Our personal commitment begins with the owners and is shared by every employee at AAA Landscape.

We take safety seriously on every property, every day.

When minor accidents occur, the proper protocol is immediately put into effect to ensure that accidents are preventable and not repeated.

AAA Landscape Safety Overview


AAA Landscape maintains a Safety and Loss Prevention Manual which is a useful coordination of policies, procedures and practices for the prevention and elimination of injuries and health hazards.

DAILY SAFETY ACTIONS – On a daily basis, the crew will gather in the morning for “Stretch and Flex”. During this time, the crew stretches and discusses a Daily Toolbox Topic. These topics are items such as heat stress, lifting, defensive driving, etc. Also, during the morning Stretch and Flex, the crew will go over the JSA, or Job Safety Analysis. The foreman must address any potential hazards and how to prevent those hazards from occurring.


On a weekly basis, the Supervisor for your community will meet with the crew to discuss Weekly Safety Topics. These topics cover items ranging from OSHA Regulations to DOT Regulations and much more. The Supervisor will include the Weekly Safety Topic discussed in the weekly report issued to the Community Manager and Board of Directors. On a weekly basis, we also discuss any near misses or incidents that have occurred and how they could have been prevented.


AAA landscape maintains communities where our employees are working in or near water. It is critical to ensure that any employee working near water is trained and wearing a life vest at all times. On a monthly basis, our Safety Director holds special meetings in these communities to go over water related safety items and inspect the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) of all water related equipment to guarantee that the crew is working in the safest water environment possible. When a crew is required to clean debris from lakes via boat access, there must be more than one crew member in the boat and life jackets are required at all times. The crew members must also pass a Boat Safety Training Course.

At AAA Landscape, we have the experience and dedication to ensure that the crews working within your community are practicing safety at all times, with every task.

Our full-time Safety Director is committed to ensuring that the crews working are trained to perform all tasks as safely as possible.

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