Welcome to all our new staff. We are very excited to be able to share the newsletter with you once again. In this season, I wanted to touch upon something that we can all benefit from…

The quality of being thankful.. This month marks an important point in the life of our company. We are see-ing a turnaround in the economy, and for that we show gratitude. We also are enormously grateful for our employees. Every act of kindness, thankfulness, appreciation and care that we show for our customers is returned to us. Thank you!

For the safety record of all our crews which is evident by 705+ days with No Lost Time Injuries, Employees of the Month for March: Jonathan Barragan (TEX), Leonor Ruiz de la Rosa (PHX), Wilfred Denis (TUC), our accounting staff, all the way to our cleaning companies, Mr. Janitor, Green Cleaning and Cleannet of Arizona, we are Grateful!

We are also grateful for the opportunity to beautify the world, one plant at a time, one project at a time. As we express our gratitude, it is magnified. If each of us would notice one thing to be grateful every day, it would enhance our own lives, and the lives of every person we touch. We have just celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is important time of reflection. Each of us has the ability to create life anew. Who can you be? How can you be with others that will support them, touch them, move them, and inspire them?

As a thank you to you, we invite each of you to download the ‘Best Thankful Quotes (HikmatCo)” application from Google play. Taking five minutes a day to express gratitude and it will rewire your brain. Try it!

ITunes App: Grateful By smoca AG
Android App: Best Thankful Quotes “HikmatCo”

As always, stay safe and here’s to another good quarter.

Richard K. Underwood


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