Ocotillo Master-Planned Community: 20 Years of Beautiful AAA Landscape Maintenance

The Ocotillo Community is a beautiful, vibrant neighborhood in Chandler, Arizona. Nestled around the Ocotillo Golf Course and surrounded by breathtaking desert landscapes, the community offers a wide range of amenities and attractions for residents and visitors alike.

AAA Landscape has maintained the beautiful master-planned community of the Ocotillo Community Association for over 20 years! We greatly appreciate our long-term partnership with Don Higdon at Premier Community Management.

OCA has over 110 acres of landscape with 70 acres of turf and 40 acres of landscaped decomposed granite areas. This vast landscaped community surrounds a golf resort and boasts 95 acres of interconnected lakes and 15 water features. Each year, AAA Landscape plants and maintains 75 flower beds. Water is drawn from a large lake system to irrigate 70 acres of lush turf.

Thank you to our dedicated account manager Jacob Finkral and his maintenance crew for their daily hard work and excellent attention to detail.  Shout out to some of the crew Robert Ruiz, Soe Mendivil, Abel Vizcara, Abel Beltran, Joshua Morales, Ralph Vizzera, Daniel Wardlow, Morgan Montemorra, Francisco Rojas, Abimael Beltran, Tyrone Green, Anthony Daou and Mike Wood.


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